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Menuetto feel

  • Excellent absorbency
  • Exceptional strength
  • No paper dust
  • Food Hygiene Inspection
  • Eco-sanitary paper
  • Skin-friendly
  • Antimicrobial

Composed of two-ply sheets that each have excellent absorbency, Menuett Feel is an easy-to-use paper which is refreshingly soft to the touch. This remarkably versatile paper can be used in a wide variety of sanitary applications, not only in medical and elderly facilities that must meet strict safety standards, but also in home, office, and commercial facilities.

Menuetto feel

Also passed food hygiene inspection criteria Life safety and hygienic paper

100% Pulp

Menuetto feel

Products T1016
Product Name Menuetto feel
Size 220mm × 230mm
(Paper size when expanded)
Quantity per item bag = 300 input /
input box of 25 bags
Packaging Cardboard
Prices 1box 9,450 JPY
Use base paper 100% Pulp

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