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Medical Metissues

Medical Metissues are a new material that can solve problems at medical and elderly care facilities to provide a better working environment. It is made of voluminous nonwoven rayon cloth and contains extremely safe stabilized chlorine dioxide. Furthermore, using it with soft water can give it value that was unobtainable until now. Since Medical Metissues are individually wrapped, they can help to enhance the sanitary aspects of patient care.

Wet Care

Use soft and durable rayon nonwoven fabric, mesh well with strength Also available in a variety of cleaning applications

Anti bacterial

Medical Metissues

Products P1016
Product Name Medical Metissues
Size Round / 280mm × 175mm
Flat / 190mm × 270mm
Quantity per item Round: 1 box-Pack of 1200 (Each package has 100 tubes)
Flat: 1 box-Pack of 1200 (Each package has 100 tubes)
Packaging Cardboard
Prices 1box 12,600 JPY
Use base paper PET Rayon

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